The Thermocore Process

Step One

It all starts with your building plans.  

We need plans to show footprint, wall heights and the roof plan with roof pitches. Thermocore produces a detailed quote with model showing how panels were quoted. Once reviewed Thermocore will send you a panel agreement.  At that time a 25% deposit will be due.

Step Two

Thermocore will Produce Detailed Panel Plans for Your Review/Approval

Wall Elevation Design

Wall Layout Design

3D View

Step Three

Once Panel Drawings are Approved by Client, the Panels are Readied for Production


Step Four

Once Produced, Panels are Stacked in Install Order and Ready for Shipping

Step Five

Final Step is Panels and Install Materials are Loaded on Trucks and Shipped to Your Site.

*Total Time From Signed Agreement to Delivery Runs Approximately 8 Weeks*