SIPs Vs. Mother Nature

February 18, 2019

How do you keep your construction job moving forward with the crazy weather that’s now part of our daily existence? How do you deal with heavy snows and downpours, higher summer temperatures, and our friend, the polar vortex – all coming at the worst times?

Thermocore structural insulated panels give you a way to overcome weather-related construction slowdowns. The panels arrive at your jobsite pre-engineered, pre-configured, and – most importantly – pre-insulated. What exactly does that mean? Thermocore insulated panels come with all door and window openings in place and bucked with 2x. All headers and cripples are already added. All electrical boxes and conduit are included, custom to your plan. And, ALL PANELS ARE INSULATED.

Imagine picking and setting a Thermocore structural insulated panel instead of sorting through a lumber pile; laying out studs, headers, doors, and windows; assembling all those materials – and then waiting for the insulation subcontractor.

Stop letting the weather decide whether you have a productive day. Time wasted is money wasted. No one complains when you get the job done faster. Building with stick framing is like using a mule and plow – cheap, but very costly in the big picture! Instead, frame and insulate your job in one step. Think FRAMESULATE with Thermocore SIPs and fight back against Mother Nature.