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October 30 2017

Come See Us

Want to see what Thermocore SIPs can do for you…

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January 18 2017

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Or maybe it’s unseasonably warm today. If there’s anything you can count on, it’s unpredictable weather…

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June 14 2016

Why 30 Is Better than 70

Every homeowner has a list of priorities for a new home. If you’re reading this, energy efficiency probably made your list…

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February 22 2016

Renewed Tax Credit

Congress has passed 45L tax credit which allows for $2,000.00 tax credit for building with Thermocore Panels…

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March 10 2015

Exceeding the Strictest Energy Codes with SIPs

Happily, some areas are taking formal steps to increase energy efficiency and ultimately save homeowners money…

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March 03 2015

SIPs, Hats, and Heat Loss

I recently ran across an article that challenged the old wives’ tale about wearing a hat because you lose most of your heat through your head…

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October 07 2014

Why SIPs Equal Multiplication

I’ve got a simple equation, even for those who hate math. Here’s the story:…

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February 20 2014

Investing vs. Spending (or SIPs vs. Conventional Framing)

A friend recently told me a story about helping his son buy a car…

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January 22 2014

A Warm and Happy New Year to All

As we start a new year, we are very grateful for the projects we’ve been involved with and the customers with whom we’ve had the pleasure to work…

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February 05 2013

How Standard Options Hurt Fuel Economy

We’ve all had the experience of buying a car, new or otherwise.

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