Structural Insulated Panel Systems for Custom Home Builders

For the builder, Thermocore’s panel is truly revolutionary. First, it offers the industry’s first pre-configured panel that will accommodate standard window jambs. Thermocore even throws in the window and door bucks to go with it. Secondly, and just as important, is Thermocore’s inclusion of all electrical components installed custom to your prints. You won’t have to worry about the handling of electrical in panels by subs on the job. With Thermocore’s 3/4″ conduit and electrical boxes already in the panel, the only thing your electric sub has to do is pull the wires. These features alone will cut hours off of your electrical rough-in time. Other standard features include:

  • All sill and top plates included
  • All corner nailers included and installed
  • All header and post pockets pre-installed
  • The accuracy of CNC cutting
  • R-value of 24 for walls

Custom Manufacturing for Complete Design Freedom:

  • Completely custom, created from your plans.
  • We can convert standard plans to panels.
  • Detailed panel drawings allow for architect/builder input, final approval.
  • Inherent panel strength lets you build homes that you couldn’t with traditional methods.

Less Work On the Job Site:

  • Panels include sill plate, top plate and other 2-by material.
  • Electric boxes and conduit are pre-installed according to your plans.
  • 4-inch thick R-24 panels accommodate standard window jambs.
  • All corner nailers included and installed.
  • All header and post pockets pre-installed.
  • Roof panels include subfacia, ridge and gable cuts.
  • Door and window openings in place, framed with 2x4 bucks.

Faster Construction, Less Labor Means More Productivity:

  • Pre-configured, pre-engineered panels with double-spline, tongue-and-groove joinery allow fast, simple assembly.
  • Erect complete walls for a 2,000-square-foot house—ready for drywall—in just two days.
  • Greater productivity in the field creates substantial labor savings.
  • Build year-round, because panels are unaffected by temperature and precipitation.
  • Panel construction eliminates nail pops and shrinkage.

Build with Environmental Responsibility:

  • Virtually waste-free in the factory and on the job site for a much more environmentally friendly way to build.
  • Highest R-Value per inch ensures you are building a “green” home that will consume far less natural resources.
  • Earn higher LEED scores—Thermocore has been involved in multiple LEED Platinum projects and is an Energy Star partner with a five star rating.

Give Your Customers More Value:

  • Higher quality than stick-built construction, other types of panels.
  • 5-star rated energy efficiency provides immediate payback, savings.
  • Wall panels are R-24, roof panels are R-40 and R-50, providing the highest R-Value per inch of any building products.
  • Computer-cut panels ensure all windows are square and minimizes settling.
  • Panels carry a limited lifetime warranty.

If you are looking for a trusted installer to help build your custom Thermocore home, feel free to reach out to Larry Stauffer at:

Larry’s Home Design
Telephone: 717-989-4490