November 07 2016

SIPs and the Island “Buildstyle”

Thermocore Panel Systems recently completed a fifth SIPs home on the island of Martha’s Vineyard…

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June 14 2016

Why 30 Is Better than 70

Every homeowner has a list of priorities for a new home. If you’re reading this, energy efficiency probably made your list…

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May 17 2016

A Cut Above

What makes Thermocore structural insulated wall and roof panels “a cut above”?…

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April 19 2016


“Framesulate”- that is what you get when you use Thermocore Panel Systems to frame and insulate your exterior walls and roof all in one quick step…

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February 22 2016

Renewed Tax Credit

Congress has passed 45L tax credit which allows for $2,000.00 tax credit for building with Thermocore Panels…

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November 06 2015

Continuous SIPs Improvement

Continuous improvement requires many steps, always moving forward…

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