SIPs Vs. Mother Nature

February 01 2019

Fighting the Polar Vortex with Thermocore SIPs

Thermocore structural insulated panels vs. the polar vortex?

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December 27 2018

New Website…Same Goals

Thermocore Panels has revamped our web site in an effort to become more user friendly. 

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May 30 2018

50% of New Home Buyers Seek Energy Efficiency

According to the Zillow Group’s Consumer Housing Trends Report…

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May 29 2018

Did You Know?

Many SIPs industry innovations started at Thermocore, including…

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April 27 2018

Picking SIPs Is Like Picking a Cooler

Picking a structural insulated panel and picking a cooler…not two things you’d normally connect…

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April 25 2018

Energy-Efficient Homes Bring Higher Sale Prices

You might expect that if you sell your energy-efficient SIPs home, prospective buyers …

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January 19 2018

Energy Efficiency and Magazine-Worthy Design

When Jamie and Simon Sangar decided to build a modern, energy-efficient home in Indianapolis…

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October 30 2017

Come See Us

Want to see what Thermocore SIPs can do for you…

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September 26 2017

No Limits

Don’t let anyone tell you that building with SIPs puts any limits on architecture…

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