Happy Holidays and Low Utility Bills to All

December 13 2012

Happy Holidays and Low Utility Bills to All

As 2012 comes to a close, we reflect on some highlights of the past year…

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October 31 2012

SIPs Performance Verified by Energy Audit

Sometimes other people say it best. I recently received this letter from Paul and Barb, who built their Indiana home with Thermocore SIPs and moved in earlier this year…

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October 17 2012

Why My Winter Coat Reminds Me of SIPs

As summer swiftly fades into the rearview mirror and fall begins the pre-game to winter, we all start what I call “closet turnover.”…

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September 07 2012

How the American Dream Home Spells Doom

What symbolizes success? A big home and a nice car? They may look good, but they mean bad news for our future…

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September 04 2012

Urban, Affordable SIPs Homes…Who Knew?

I hate stereotypes. Many people think of SIPs homes as rustic…

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July 03 2012

The Biggest Offender in Energy Consumption

Many people point their fingers at automobiles as the biggest offenders in energy consumption and pollution.

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June 27 2012

Paradigm Buster

One of our customers, John Young, calls this the construction paradigm: How do you balance quality, speed, and cost…

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June 20 2012

When Is a SIP Not a SIP?

“Often imitated but never duplicated” is a phrase that has been muttered for years…

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June 12 2012

Winning the War for Energy Savings

I was very pleased to read a recent AP-NORC Center poll that said 8 out of 10 Americans called saving energy deeply important to them…

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June 08 2012

Energy Supply vs. Demand: Why it Pays to be Unglamorous

When we talk about the energy equation, there are really two sides: supply and demand…

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