April 19 2016


“Framesulate”- that is what you get when you use Thermocore Panel Systems to frame and insulate your exterior walls and roof all in one quick step…

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February 22 2016

Renewed Tax Credit

Congress has passed 45L tax credit which allows for $2,000.00 tax credit for building with Thermocore Panels…

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November 06 2015

Continuous SIPs Improvement

Continuous improvement requires many steps, always moving forward…

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August 25 2015

How SIPs and Energy-Efficient Financing Upgrade Your Home

Turns out SIPs not only save money in energy costs, they also help you afford a nicer home!…

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March 10 2015

Exceeding the Strictest Energy Codes with SIPs

Happily, some areas are taking formal steps to increase energy efficiency and ultimately save homeowners money…

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March 03 2015

SIPs, Hats, and Heat Loss

I recently ran across an article that challenged the old wives’ tale about wearing a hat because you lose most of your heat through your head…

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